After Controversy, Parler Is Back On The App Store


Parler: About four months after his ban, and two months after the ban on his return, the controversial social network Parler returns to the App Store. Committed to combating hate speech, the application now has measures promoted by artificial intelligence to automatically block posts marked as “offensive”.

According to data published by the Washington Post, Parler has not lost traction and is back even stronger after the long clash against Apple. In the recent conclusion, the social network recognized that a good relationship with Apple is essential for the future development of its business.

In this context, it was established that Parler’s iOS application will not display posts flagged by Artificial Intelligence for presenting offensive content. The company tried to negotiate with Apple, in the last case, the implementation of an optional button to display this type of content, but was unsuccessful.

However, if desired, the user will still be able to access the posts flagged by the Android application or directly by its version for web browsers.

The measure imposed by Apple ended up raising questions about its stance between the moderation of the content present in its app store and the alleged indirect censorship of certain “political opinions”. Part of the concern is due to the short term previously granted by Apple for the social network to make changes and avoid its ban.

On the other hand, however, Parler had already been informed several times at the time about the growing wave of violent posts on his platform. Without changes, the content ended up contributing to a protest at the US Capitol in January this year, the pivot of its ban – not only from the App Store, but also from Amazon and Google.

Under the new direction of CEO George Farmer, recently announced by Parler, it remains to be seen whether there will be any change in posture on the social network.


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