After closing, LG will still bring Android 12 to some phones


LG has announced that it will exit the cell phone market in 2021, but the company has confirmed that it will continue offering support for its current phones. In addition, the firm even said it plans to bring Android 12 to some devices.

In a statement posted on its website in South Korea, LG provided more details on how it plans to support its future smartphones. The company will offer updates, including Android updates and security patches, but points out that changes in plans may occur over the next few months.

The company said it will offer support and software updates for mobile phones for “a certain period of time” and that the rule may vary by region. The company will bring Android 11 to all compatible devices and even intends to launch the future Android 12 for some models, but has not provided a list of devices contemplated.

LG also hinted that the upgrade to Android 12 may not be perfect and may be limited to a small group of devices. The company said the update will follow Google’s distribution schedules and the launch will depend on the performance of the system on each device.

With that in mind, there is a possibility that the company might abandon the launch of Android 12 during the development of the update. However, the initial prognosis is that some devices should be considered with the novelty.

LG is currently launching Android 11 for its most powerful devices. The list of devices included includes the LG Velvet and V60 ThinQ, while models such as G8X, K52 and K42 are expected to receive the system in the near future.

LG confirmed the closure of its smartphone division after years of losses in the mobile industry. The sector that makes cell phones will be disabled on July 31, 2021 and the company has not yet revealed details on issues such as the launch of the LG Rollable and the company’s future factory in Brazil.


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