After Charlie Sheen’s mixed reaction to his daughter’s Only Fans page, his ex Denise Richards has now joined the service


As the old saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the apple tree. Or in the case of Denise Richards and her daughter Sami Shin, it seems that the tree is falling not far from the apple. (Is that how plants work?) The 18-year-old daughter of Richards and Charlie Sheen caused quite a stir in early June when she launched and published her OnlyFans account, which initially caused a negative reaction from at least one of her parents. . And now Richards has offered a unique form of support by ALSO joining a fan subscription platform known for its NSFW content.

Taking to Instagram to share a kind word with her 1.4 million fans and famous friends, Denise Richards shared a video from the beach along with the announcement that she had joined OnlyFans, with a link right in her IG profile bio.

The former star of the films “The Bold and the Beautiful and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” followed up this post a few hours later with another Instagram post pointing fans to her new OnlyFans account, which currently contains four posts, including one video and two images.

Currently, Denise Richards charges fans a fairly standard fee of $25 per month to view her posts, and a three—month package is $67.50. It’s probably safe to say that fans shouldn’t expect a lot of nudity material from Richards, given all the circumstances, but that doesn’t mean that in some sense things won’t be ticklish. (Perhaps don’t pin your hopes on her selling her tainted gases.)

In addition, the Wild Things veteran said that she intends to personally answer all comments and questions from her subscribers, so anyone who looks forward to hearing Denise Richards call her name will potentially be over the moon with happiness. Here is the biography of her account:

Hello…. I personally respond to all your comments and ? and I am very glad to communicate with all of you.

Depending on how many people jump in to subscribe, Denise Richards may have difficulty finding the time to respond to each person, especially on a platform where comments aren’t as reliably cool. I can’t even imagine what would happen if it turned out that Charlie Sheen was one of her adoring subscribers.

After the news that Sami Sheen had joined OnlyFans, Denise Richards shared a supportive response, while former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen essentially blamed her ex for letting it happen and then shared her hopes that his daughter would keep style. After these opposing comments, it seems that Shin changed his mind, as he later shared a much more heartfelt and family-oriented message. Not that he directly stated that he was excited about her success on OnlyFans, but in small steps.

Later, Denise Richards shared a more detailed reaction to Sami Sheen’s news, in particular, in response to the amount of hatred directed at mother and daughter. She praised her child’s confidence, wishing she felt the same about herself, and even teased at the time that she could open her own OnlyFans page. One can only assume that this mood caused a lot of positive reactions, which prompted her to take responsibility and launch one of them.

Many celebrities end up joining OnlyFans because of the financial upswing, for example, YouTube and Twitch star Corinna Kopf quickly earned literally millions of dollars a few days after joining. (And she’s hardly the only one who makes millions on the platform.) It’s likely that Denise Richards isn’t doing it for the money, although I’m sure that in the long run, additional funds won’t hurt.

Sami Shin joins quite a few other offspring of major celebrities on the social platform, from the daughter of bounty hunter Dog Cecily Chapman to the daughter of American Pickers star Danielle Colby Memphis. We’ll just have to wait and see if Sheen publishes the receipts to show how well she’s doing on Only Fans so far.