After capturing “Law and Order”: SVU, the new showrunner had a cool look at BTS on the first day on set


Less than a month has passed since “Law and Order: SVU” showed the finale of the 23rd season, but the team is already starting work on the 24th season. David Graziano shared a look at the first official day of screenwriters on the set in a very nice office.

As it turned out, the scenario room began with a really suitable place for the season of “Law and Order: IED”.

It’s unclear if the writers gathered in the courtroom of the show are going to keep happening in the long run or just something special on the first day, but it’s a fun look behind the scenes. Why not use this set during a break when you don’t need a place to shoot? With SVU in its 24th season, a lot has certainly happened in this courtroom, but maybe the show will move in a different direction when David Graziano takes over.

Of course, any viewing of BTS will be pleasant for SVU fans, as there is a long wait ahead for the return of the Law and Order show in the fall. Little is known about what the 24th season has prepared, which is not surprising if the writing has just begun. The season 23 finale forced Benson to potentially make an important decision about her personal life, although whether her personal life will include more of a Stabler probably depends on SVU’s ties to “Law and Order: Organized Crime” in the future.

Season 23 left another story pretty open when the series brought back Christian Garland Demore Barnes with a major career change. By making him deputy mayor in the new government of New York, perhaps we will be able to see him more often. He may not have had a reason to cross paths with Benson and company as often as when he was their deputy, but SVU did leave the door open for a potential comeback.

Meanwhile, is it possible that the writers are coming up with a crossover of three series for the “Law and Order” franchise? The finale of the 21st season of the original series was the first crossover after the revival with the participation of Captain Benson Mariska Hargitey, so it’s definitely possible. Fans can certainly expect more “Organized Crime” crossovers, with more Benson and Stabler. Only time will tell if Jack McCoy or any other character from Law & Order will appear on SVU or OC.

It will be interesting to see how Season 24 works with the new showrunner, but it looks like David Graziano is excited about his new role in the popular NBC show. Although there is no set date for the premiere of the 24th season of the series “Law and Order: SVU,” NBC has released the fall lineup, and it will return on Thursday at 21:00. ET, between law and order and organized crime. In the meantime, check out the CinemaBlend TV program for 2022 to find out what else to watch to keep yourself busy!