After Britney Spears’ mom made a comment about wanting her to be happy, the singer seems to have an answer


From a legal point of view, Britney Spears’ affairs could have gone well when in November a judge ruled that her 13-year custody was no longer necessary. However, the same cannot be said about her family relationships afterwards. In fact, she criticized most of her close relatives, including Jamie’s father, Lynn’s mother and Jamie’s sister Lynn, for the role they allegedly played in the restrictive legal agreement. Spears’ mom recently said she wants her to be happy now, although the pop singer seemed to have a questionable reaction to the comment.

Lynn Spears reacted to the disparaging attitude to her wedding

On June 9, a 40-year—old woman was finally able to do what guardianship has reportedly always prohibited – marry her longtime boyfriend Sam Asgari. The video of the BTS wedding showed a truly magical, fabulous romance with many celebrities who received invitations, such as Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore and Selena Gomez, to name just a few. One of those who did not receive an invitation was Lynn Spears and the rest of the family. Page six has received a video of paparazzi interrogating an estranged mother after being neglected. Her only reaction at the time was to say:

I just want her to be happy.

Matriarch Spears announced this immediately after the news about the wedding appeared on social networks. In one of Britney Spears’ Instagram posts dedicated to her wedding, her mom talked about how “radiant” and “happy” she really looked from the outside. She added that the momentous event taking place at the former X Factor judge’s house was “sentimental and special.” Her daughter didn’t reply to her in the comments section, but apparently she still has something to say to her.

Britney Spears responded to mom’s wishes

On June 25, the former actress posted a new clip on her Instagram. Her current husband, Sam Asgari, features prominently in it, with several takes and camera angles showing their bliss of newlyweds grabbing loot aboard their private jet. And interestingly, Britney Spears accompanied it with a signature: “Am I happy enough, Mom???”

It definitely sounds like a shadow to me. If we (including Lynn Spears) are reading correctly between the lines here, then Britney seems to be hinting that she is perfectly content with her life at the moment – along with the added bonus that she doesn’t need anyone’s direct approval for that either anymore. Although, of course, I could just misunderstand her.

Recently, Britney Spears has had several family feuds

Mother and daughter have been at odds for a long time. Announcing his intention to resign as a conservative, the pop star’s father said that Lynn Spears had not taken part in the life of the Grammy winner for the past 12 years. At one point, Britney herself launched into a tirade about her mom, saying that it was actually Lynn’s idea for custody, and also told her to “fuck off.” The situation only worsened in April when her mother demanded in court that she pay her legal costs related to the fight to terminate custody, to which Britney’s legal team replied that there was “no legal basis” for the petition.

Jamie Lynn Spears also, so to speak, held on to the legs, so to speak, of her famous sister, especially after the former Zoey 101 star signed a book contract, where she eventually spoke in detail about Britney’s situation. They went back and forth about the allegedly “truthful” narrative on the Internet, and Britney called her brother and sister “scum” several times because of certain insinuations that she had no idea how the guardianship authorities treated her. And to top off the family drama, Britney is still in the midst of a serious legal action against her father for his alleged actions under guardianship.

Alas, there is an old saying that a family is not chosen. Britney Spears obviously couldn’t, and judging by her obvious reaction to Mom and other recent events, she obviously isn’t going to anymore.