After Britney Spears got behind the wheel again and again, she shares her last taste of freedom after the conservatory


They say that the simplest things in life are the most unusual, and this is probably especially true if you have been denied access to these things for a long period of time. After Britney Spears was released from the custody she was in, the singer rediscovered some of the simple pleasures of life. Last summer, Spears was very excited about the return of driving freedom, and in January, the “Toxic” singer documented her first glass of wine in more than a decade. The newlywed continued to celebrate life after conservation, sharing her first trip to the bar.

Fans of the former pop singer are used to seeing Britney Spears dancing, spinning and modeling different outfits in her and Sam Asgari’s new home. Nevertheless, the Toxic singer took her subscribers on an exciting tour in which she and her assistant patronized a local drinking establishment.

As she and her assistant Victoria Asher clearly enjoyed the booze and the app, Britney Spears couldn’t help but cast a shadow over her family, noting that she was “so grateful” that she wasn’t allowed to have a cocktail on her 13th birthday. years after her father Jamie Spears took control of her life. In fact, a 40-year-old woman said in her post that she was participating in such an adventure for the first time. In the video she shared:

It’s my first time in a bar. The first time. I feel so freaky and I feel so sophisticated.

Britney Spears definitely deserves to enjoy all the quirky and refined things in life. It was much more than the car keys and a glass of wine that Britney had been denied for all these 13 years. She compared Jamie Spears’ attitude towards her to human trafficking for sexual exploitation, saying that she was forced to work against her will seven days a week without days off. She testified that she was not allowed to get married or have an IUD removed to try to have another child.

She also said that she is not allowed to perform new music or make remixes of her old songs, and it seems that this is another freedom that she is giving back. It was reported that the singer of “Baby One More Time” met with Elton John to record the duet “Tiny Dancer” on a “super secret” recording. Her new husband Sam Asgari also hinted that his wife hopes to return to performing someday.

Speaking of Sam Asgari, the end of custody meant that Britney Spears was finally allowed to marry her longtime boyfriend, who proposed in September 2021. Spears and Asgari tied the knot at a fabulous wedding on June 9 in front of friends including Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore and Madonna before a two-week honeymoon on a yacht. A free life certainly looks good on the former pop star, and even though the legal battles surrounding Spears’ custody continue, we like to see her take full advantage of her freedom.


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