After Batgirl has been disposed of, what happens to Ezra Miller’s role as The Flash?


The list of upcoming DC movies from Warner Bros. has undergone several changes over the past couple of years, and not everything has been good. This caveat especially applies to the recently announced plans to postpone the movie about Batgirl, which was supposed to be released on HBO Max. This decision makes many people break their heads, but it also opens the door to a more serious issue.: What’s going on with Ezra Miller’s role as The Flash?

The world is still reacting to the Warner Bros. decision. reject directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah from the DC comic, in which Leslie Grace plays Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. In the midst of its initial report, Variety also raised the issue of plans for a theatrical release of “The Flash”; which were already in question to a certain extent. The short short answer is that the studio is still thinking about what to do, but there is no solution yet.

With Ezra Miller embroiled in several controversies involving some serious allegations of grooming and threatening, The Flash almost feels like a candidate for re-shoots to remove his leadership. On the other hand, the film directed by Andy Muschetti is not a $70 million HBO Max exclusive, as it was with Batgirl.

With an estimated budget of $200 million, fans are worried that “The Flash” may move to streaming. Although this would not be consistent with the logic based on the solutions we have just described, especially with concern for budget and profit. A potential further complication is that the already wrapped Batgirl is supposedly linked to other DCEU films.

“The Flash” is a crossover film that for the first time combines the Batman versions of Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton. As Keaton reprised his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in “Batgirl”, and Affleck should reappear in “Aquaman 2”, it can be assumed that The Flash is an important cog in the future mechanism of DC. With the postponement of Batgirl, this requirement loses half its value, as Michael Keaton’s permanent role will now be reduced.

If there was anything that kept The Flash running, it was potentially the same thing that killed Batgirl: the test audience. Ezra Miller’s film is supposedly well established with audiences, whom Warner Bros. management probably values as a key component of the DC films sequel.

Meanwhile, Batgirl Leslie Grace was allegedly called “incorrigible” by testing reviews. You should still take these reactions with a grain of salt, since these are all second-hand reports based on “sources.” We may get more answers soon, as Warner Bros Discovery will report financial results for the second quarter of 2022 this week.

The fate of Batgirl and perhaps even The Flash can be discussed at this briefing, which means that the world will pay more attention than ever to the newly merged corporation. At the moment, The Flash is still being prepared for release on June 23, 2023; but that could change at any moment.


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