After Bad Bunny Defended The Fan’s Abandoned Phone Into The Water, Thoughts Appeared on The Internet


In just a few years, Bad Bunny has established himself as a major Hollywood star. Since he appeared on Cardi B’s “I Like It” in 2018, he has received several major awards, including several Grammy Awards, and twice won the title of the most listened artist of the year on Spotify. Thus, he earned considerable fame, and all eyes were definitely on him when he threw a fan’s phone into the water after they tried to take a selfie with him. Since then, the artist has defended his actions, and thoughts have appeared on the Internet.

Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, was in the Dominican Republic and was walking with his squad when a fan approached him with her phone. When the young woman tried to take a picture, he grabbed the device and rushed into the nearest pond. The footage was shot by someone at the scene and it went viral. The performer addressed this issue on Twitter, explaining the reasons for his actions:

A person who comes up to me to say hello, say something or just get to know me will always receive my attention and respect. Those who come to shove a phone bastard in my face, I will consider it disrespectful for what it is, and I will treat it the same way.

The 28-year-old star’s reaction caused quite a stir on social media, as a number of commenters have since moved to Twitter to contribute. The reaction was different, but it is obvious that the viral moment touched some fans. . Look at this person’s answer:

When it comes to some people’s views on this issue, there is a certain level of nuance. Some scolded the singer, and also admitted that the person should not have come so close to him, trying to arrange a photo shoot. However, one user suggested that the artist should not have an excuse for what he did:

Although the cast of “High-Speed Train” is subject to numerous criticism, it seems that a significant number of people are on his side. In fact, one fan accused detractors of showing “fake sympathy” for the person whose phone was thrown away:

Bad Bunny, who starred in a Marvel movie that recently took a big step forward, seems to have a solid fan base that doesn’t seem eager to turn away from him. The cancellation culture was a serious topic for discussion, and, at first glance, such a situation can be considered as a “violation subject to cancellation”. But at least one fan believes that “Te Gusta” will not suffer from his actions:

Of course, there are others on Twitter who just decided to joke about the situation with the famous WWE veteran, instead of directly expressing their opinion about whether it is right or not. Someone cheekily summarized the singer’s apology using a clip of reality TV veteran Tiffany “New York” Pollard:

Judging by how far Bad Bunny footage has spread across the internet at the moment, I don’t think people will forget about it anytime soon. However, if the tone of the Wrestlemania 37 graduate’s response is any indication, he probably doesn’t care who remembers it. After all, it’s arguable whether he was right or wrong, and people on the internet will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


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