After All, The IT Prequel Series “Welcome to Derry” Finally Got Some Good News


Back in March, Stephen King fans were thrilled by the news that the prequel series “Welcome to Derry” is in development for HBO Max. Unfortunately, since then there has been minimal talk about the project… and that silence was especially troubling because of the behind-the-scenes chaos this summer involving the subscription streaming service. However, now we finally have important news about the project, as it was reported that it is moving forward with a new pair of showrunners.

According to Variety, Jason Fuchs and Brad Caleb Kane have been hired to lead the vision for “Welcome to Derry” as the series moves further into development. Currently, it is not entirely clear what we can expect from the series in terms of plot, but the deal confirms that it will be a sequel to the popular films “It: Chapter One” and “It: Chapter Two” (Andy Muscetti, who directed both films). of these films, he acts as a producer together with his partner/sister-producer Barbara Muscetti).

Fuchs, an actor and screenwriter who played “Richie’s Manager” in the movie “It: Chapter 2” and also acted as a co—producer, has already written a script for the first episode based on a story he developed with Muscetti. The new report also adds that Andy Muscetti may become the director of the premiere of the series, but it seems that an agreement on this has not yet been signed.

Earlier it was reported that the action of “Welcome to Derry” will take place in the 1960s, and the plot will lead to the events of 1988/1989 described in “It: Chapter One”, but the latest update does not mention whether this remains the plan.

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Jason Fuchs, who made his acting debut in the 1996 film “Flipper” with Elijah Wood, has solid experience working with Warner Bros., having written scripts for Joe Wright’s film “Pan” with Hugh Jackman and Patty Jenkins starring “Wonder Woman”. In 2018, he wrote the screenplay for the film I Still See You starring Bella Thorne (an adaptation of Daniel Waters’ novel Break My Heart a Thousand Times). Most recently, he worked on the film directed by Matthew Vaughn “Argyle”, based on the book of the same name by Ellie Conway.

“Welcome to Derry” will be the first time Fuchs has worked with Brad Caleb Kane, who is a veteran of television at this stage of his career, producing and critiquing shows such as Fringe, Black Sails, Warrior, Moonhaven and Tokyo Vice.

What unfortunately remains unclear at the moment is when the shows will actually start being included in “Welcome to Derry,” but that’s certainly great news in itself—if only because it confirms that the show is still in development.

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