After a stroke: when does Coupleontour-Ina shoot new videos?


When will Inna return to social networks? Together with his wife Vanessa, the influential man creates the duo Coupeontour. A few months ago, their daughter was born. But Ina could not be present at the birth of little Olivia Rose: a few days ago she suffered a stroke and has been in the hospital ever since. Meanwhile, he is making more and more progress, but a return to the network is probably out of the question in the near future.

On Instagram, fans had the opportunity to send Ina a few questions about Vanessa, which she soon answered. One of them asked if she would be making videos again soon. “Yes! I miss her very much — this is my life. But I don’t have the nerves for it right now,” the blonde admitted. Currently, she needs all the energy of her body to cope with the disease. “I have to focus 100 percent on myself,” she stressed.

Ina also explained that she doesn’t always feel comfortable in the spotlight either. “There were situations in which I would like to have a bag on my head. If you feel bad, you don’t like to show yourself. I think it’s quite human,” the Berliner said.


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