After a stroke: the last Steam turbine operation is planned


That’s how Ina from Coupleontour will continue to work in the next few weeks! After the wedding, an influential man and his wife Vanessa surprised their fans with great news: they are waiting for offspring! But before they could welcome their first child into the world, Ina suffered a stroke. Since then, the beauty has been trying to come back to life. Your wife regularly informs mutual fans of health news – as it is now: Ina’s last surgery is scheduled in a few weeks!

After the hospital visit, Ina’s wife, Vanessa, posted a small update in the story on the shared Instagram account: “Ina is probably scheduled for surgery in the next two weeks — hopefully this will be the last operation.” Although the spouses are also afraid of this, but they are especially glad that the procedure will take place in the near future.

After the planned surgery, Ina will fully focus on her rehabilitation, as Vanessa also said in the clip: “Then [Ina] will finally be able to finish it and fully focus on rehabilitation, and not on any operations that have not yet been completed.” The couple does not yet know exactly when the procedure will take place, but Vanessa would like to keep her fans informed.


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