After a New Marriage, Kanye West Finds Himself Embroiled in a Lawsuit Over a Kim Kardashian Song


Just when the world in which Kanye West was turning a new page, the rapper was in trouble again. The last few months after Paris Fashion Week have been a series of unpleasant events for fans of the rapper and, presumably, the rapper himself. West has gone from being considered by netizens as a kind of “awakened” guru, to the point that many now consider him very mentally stable. After all the major brands united by boycotting him, the rapper allegedly went missing, and this news gained momentum after his business manager tried to find him in connection with the lawsuit.

For several weeks, the Internet has been discussing the whereabouts of the rapper and the Illuminati, forcing him to rap in their secret cave. However, all mouths were shut as reports that the college dropout singer had married Yeezy designer went viral. To this fact was added the shocking similarity of Kanye West’s new wife with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. It’s safe to say that the Internet has gone berserk. Despite the absurdity, fans came to the conclusion that while the rapper did not shout about his love for Hitler and continued to drop brilliant music, they were happy for him. But soon it became known that the rapper was sued again.

Kanye West faces legal action for treason

Rapper Donda is facing a lawsuit for fraud with Trax Records. The Grammy winner has previously used samples from many artists for his album Donda, which took first place in the charts. For more context, to sample songs, you need permission from the original owner. And, according to tax reports, E. No.

According to The Blast, in the lawsuit that Trax Records filed against Kanye West, they mentioned that “Flowers by Ye” is taken from Marshall Jefferson’s “Move Your Body”. In addition, “the unauthorized sample taken by West is repeated at least 22 times in “Colors”,” the complaint against E.

The company demanded damages from Ye, as well as the profits he received from the song. Despite his new marriage, attention is again turned to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, since “Flowers” was allegedly written for the reality show star.

Do you think Kanye West will be able to start all over again, despite all the legal problems? Let us know in the comments below.


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