After 2 fatal accidents, Boeing 737 Max can now fly again


The Boeing 737 Max can now be used again on commercial flights, at least in the United States. The approval came from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the North American agency that regulates the airline industry and confirmed the release as of Wednesday (18).

According to the FAA, joint and lasting work was able to fix the errors that caused accidents involving the model, which had flaws in the autopilot system. The next steps are to finalize the training of pilots and formalize the release also in other countries that will have the plane among the fleet. Now, it should be renamed 737-8.

The Boeing 737 Max made its first flight in 2016, surrounded by expectations. However, he had his activities suspended two years later: in October 2018, an accident in Indonesia resulted in the death of 189 people. In March 2019, in Ethiopia, another fall resulted in the loss of another 157 people. If such quick measures had not been taken, other accidents could occur.

The flaw involved the airplane’s autopilot software and, even after initial corrections, it reappeared as a variant. The 737 Max even spent months in parking lots in the USA.

This way?

In Brazil, the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) has not yet completed its internal tests, which means that the Boeing 737 Max is not yet released here.

Despite having participated in the joint recovery operation of the aircraft, the institution is finalizing the “project modification validation process” so that all safety protocols are met. National model flights are the responsibility of GOL Linhas Aéreas.


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