“Africa” ​​May Be The Most Popular Bitcoin In The Next 5 Years


Due to global uncertainties in fiat currencies, people are increasingly turning to crypto assets day by day. Many countries, such as India, South Korea, Germany and France, legalizing crypto trading play a major role in this interest.

Bitcoin (BTC) search volume in Google Trends peaked this year, revealing once again the interest of people in cryptocurrencies. Search volumes from Google and other search engines are very important for the future of cryptocurrencies priced with the supply-demand relationship.

In a recently published podcast, Paxful’s CEO Ray Youssef explained that the rate of Bitcoin usage has increased significantly, especially in Africa, and if the increase continues in this way, it will be the largest Bitcoin continent in the next 5 years.

There is a constantly growing relationship between Africa and Bitcoin. The biggest reason for this is the continuous increase in inflation, the constant pressure of the authorities, the capital controls and restrictions in the countries, and finally the economic uncertainties experienced in the pandemic process directed the users to the crypto exchanges.

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