AFK Arena: will take the Joker and Queen to Esperia


Developer LilithGames confirmed an exclusive partnership with Atlus Studio by taking the heroes of Persona 5 directly to the world of Esperia, where they will be available for a limited time at AFK Arena. Joker and Queen will be the new New Year’s additions to the RPG and can be tested from December 30th.

Through new trailers, LilithGames shared some images of how Ren “Joker” Amamiya and Makoto “Queen” Niijima will look, in addition to their main skills that will be accessible during the fighting. As you can see, the Phantom Thieves won a graphic rework and, now with a minimalist design, they integrate a vast cast of more than 100 characters in AFK Arena.

In their new versions, the heroes of Persona 5 will be entitled to use all of their classic abilities, including the summoning Arsene, from Joker, and Johanna, from Queen. Fans will also be completely delighted with the special powers catalog, featuring Ultimate Skill Maeigaon and Stationary Drifter, as well as several other striking strokes from the franchise.

The Persona 5 event will be available on December 30 with the arrival of the new year-end update, and players will be able to test Phantom Thieves until February 27, 2021, when they can only be purchased through microtransactions. The themed patch will also add an exclusive PvE dungeon, with many rewards and references to heroes’ bows.

AFK Arena can be played for free via Android and iOS devices.


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