Affordable OLED screen riddle for Galaxy S21


Samsung’s Galaxy S20 family has been around for a while. South Korean technology giant has rolled up its sleeves for the new generation. Preparing for the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 family for August, Samsung started to come up with leaks for the Galaxy S21. The last leak is related to the Galaxy S21 screen.

Galaxy S21 screen may be affordable OLED
Samsung Display supplies its high-quality displays to many technology companies such as Samsung Electronics, Apple and OnePlus. Samsung Electronics is also one of the companies that use OLED display panels the most. However, leaks indicate that this may change in the future. According to allegations, Samsung will buy the screen from the Chinese manufacturer BOE for the Galaxy S21 screen.

In the meantime, let’s state that Huawei and Apple have leaked BOX’s door for display panels in the coming period.

According to ZDNet’s claim, the Galaxy S21 model will come up with a more affordable display panel. The most important point to note here is that these panels come with 90 Hz refresh rate instead of 120 Hz refresh rate.

This move will of course be made to lower costs. In this decision by Samsung Electronics, other phone manufacturers can also supply an OLED display from the Chinese manufacturer to keep component costs low and consequently sell at more competitive prices.


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