Affordable full wireless headset from TCL: Moveaudio S200


TCL introduced its new fully wireless headset. The company announced the new Moveaudio S200 full wireless headset to equalize the opportunities in the field of wireless headphones, which it declared to be promoted as premium products.

According to the company, Moveaudio S200; It offers enhanced sound experience, complete comfort and easy connectivity with all devices. This headset will become an indispensable accessory for those who want to listen to wireless music or talk on the phone.

TCL Moveaudio S200 full wireless headphones use ENC noise reduction technology to reduce background noise and ensure that the user’s calls take place cleanly. All four built-in microphones use beamforming technology to reduce external noise and focus on the user’s voice. Thus, the other party can easily hear and understand the user. Both compact headphones are equipped with precision coils with high fidelity, from deep bass to soft acoustics, making music almost a reality.

Headphones connected using Bluetooth 5.0, which support dual Bluetooth transmission, ensure very low latency when watching movies or playing games. Easy to fit in the ear and resistant to water, dust and sweat with an IP54 rating, the headset offers easy use all day with its comfortable super ellipse design.

Music lovers also benefit from the smart hookup feature that automatically starts or stops the song when inserted or removed. Thus, users can continue their music from where it left off. Touch gestures also allow calls, music and volume to be managed with one touch, eliminating the need to take the phone out of the mobile every time. A long press on the earphones that are compatible with the voice assistant on the device opens Google Assistant or Siri. These integrations make it easy to switch between jobs without removing the headset.

TCL'den uygun fiyatlı tam kablosuz kulaklık: Moveaudio S200

TCL Moveaudio S200 full wireless headset can pair with devices very easily. For quick pairing, it is enough to open the charging case and touch it once. The mobile device will also indicate the battery status of the headphones, indicating when the user needs to charge.

The TCL S200 fully wireless headset offers up to 3.5 hours of battery life with a single use and up to 23 hours when used with the charging box. The charging case with an ultra-slim design that fits in the palm of the hand or in a pocket, and the classic silver dot on the earpiece provide a minimalist and stylish look. TCL Moveaudio S200 full wireless headphones will have two color options, white and black.

“Like other parts of our TCL consumer technology ecosystem, the TCL Moveaudio S200 full wireless headphones have benefited from our mobile experience from built-in home entertainment systems,” said Sharon Xiao, Managing Director of TCL Communication Smart Connected Device Business Group. With the newest member of our mobile audio products, we continue to expand our full wireless portfolio by focusing on the ergonomic design, sound quality and value that are at the heart of all our TCL products we produce. ”


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