Affleck’s Batman Return Proves Never Say Never About Snyderverse


Despite saying he’s done playing Batman in the DCEU, Ben Affleck’s return as Bruce Wayne in Aquaman 2 is further proof of why you should never say never about a potential return to the Snyderverse. Warner Bros. tried to move away from Zack’s DCEU films ​​​​Snyder has been around since “Justice League,” but the release of the Snyder Cut, rumors of Cavill’s return as Superman, and the return of Ben Affleck in two more Batman appearances give hope for a long-term Snyderverse. the sequel is alive.

Zack Snyder’s DCEU films polarized, divided audiences and critics, and generated big box office receipts that didn’t quite meet the studio’s expectations. Due to behind-the-scenes creative conflicts and a toxic environment for the cast and crew during the reshoots of Justice League, Ben Affleck also stepped away from his role as Batman, including a solo film that he wrote and directed. Originally Affleck first said he was done playing Batman forever after a friend told him: “You’ll drink yourself to death if you go through what you just went through again.” However, after a break in the role and a brief return to the character for an additional photo of Snyder in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Affleck has signed up for the role of Batman in The Flash again, and will now also appear in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

There are many obstacles on the way to the complete restoration of the Snyder universe: from Warner Bros., who explicitly stated that they were not going to continue the story of Zack Snyder, to difficulties with many cast members to Snyder, who has a full list of projects on Netflix. . It looks like the galaxies need to align for Snyderverse to have another chance at creation, but if from the last five years of Warner Bros. one lesson can be learned, everything is always on the move, and anything can happen, especially the unexpected.

Why Ben Affleck Joined Aquaman 2

Jason Momoa’s Instagram post about Ben Affleck playing a role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom came as a huge surprise for a number of reasons. Not only was “The Flash” supposed to be Affleck’s last appearance in the franchise, Affleck himself even said that “The Flash” “put a really good end to my experience with this character,” but also “Aquaman 2” also completed filming in December 2021, and there hasn’t been any posts about reshoots before Momoa’s Instagram post. It wasn’t even rumored that Affleck was part of the main photo, so the discovery that he was added to the additional photos indicates a few things about the nature of his role in the film.

Firstly, Affleck’s role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is most likely very small. When characters are added in such reshoots, they often only appear in one or two scenes, or even in a scene after the credits. Adding any character with significant abilities is difficult to do in the later stages of production, and it takes a lot more resources to embed them into an existing plot. This has certainly been done before, but only under extreme circumstances, such as when Ridley Scott replaced Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer in “All the Money in the World” or Zack Snyder replaced Chris D’Elia with Tig Notaro in “Army of the Dead.”

Secondly, some big changes in the overall DCEU schedule may give a hint as to why Affleck is included at all. The Flash will be actively using the DC multiverse and is expected to make some major changes to the DCEU, such as introducing Michael Keaton’s Batman into the DCEU continuity. “The Flash” has been undergoing numerous delays due to the change of writer and director over the years, and its latest release date change means that the release of “The Flash” now comes after “Aquaman 2”, and not the first as originally planned. As a result, any changes The Flash has made to Affleck’s Batman haven’t happened yet. Michael Keaton’s Batman has not been announced that he will play a role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, but it is obvious that if he really had a cameo role after his appearance in The Flash, it would make sense to replace him with Affleck, since Keaton will not appear. it doesn’t make any sense until the audience sees The Flash.

Affleck’s joining Aquaman 2 doesn’t mean Snyder’s universe will be restored (but it doesn’t hurt)

Affleck’s departure was just one of many factors that prevented the continuation of Snyder’s universe, but “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” does not radically change the situation. His previous comments that The Flash was his last appearance as Batman are still valid as he’s coming out after Aquaman 2, but the situation does serve as a stark reminder that the current DCEU and Affleck’s Batman plans are never set in stone.


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