Affair confirmed? Jeffree Star makes Kanye allusion


If there are rumors about Jeffree Star (35), he will of course be there immediately! At the moment, quite absurd speculations are making the rounds on various social media platforms: The make-up mogul is said to have had a relationship with Kanye West (43).

TikToker Ava Louise recently at least adamantly claimed to know who the rapper was having an affair with. But you are not allowed to say who it is. Her followers quickly speculated that it could be Jeffree and received a Like for this hint as an alleged confirmation from Ava . Now the 35-year-old promptly spoke up!

Every publicity is good publicity – that seems to have been the motto of the Shitstorm-battered YouTuber for several years . “I’m ready for the Sunday service,” indicated Jeffree , probably referring to the service that Kanye himself holds at regular intervals on Sundays. Many commentators on the post also noticed that: “The caption! I’m laughing myself to death! You know exactly what you’re doing!” and “So you’re going to Kanye’s service, yes?” wrote some followers.

But what speaks against the already absurd rumor: Allegedly, Kanye’s mysterious affair is the main reason for his belief, which seems to have grown stronger in recent years. Jeffree, however, has had little to do with religiosity in public. What do you think of the way Jeffree reacted to the affair rumor with Kanye ? Give your opinion in the poll!


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