AEW Star Wonders Why Brian Danielson Isn’t At Blackpool Fighting Club


The Blackpool Fighting Club may be the main AEW faction at the moment, but BCC member Brian Danielson hasn’t been seen much on TELEVISION over the past few months. He returned to action to fight Daniel Garcia on the July 27 episode of Dynamite Wednesday Night, where he suffered a shocking defeat by a member of the Jericho Appreciation Society. John Moxley took to social media to take down the entire All Elite Wrestling lineup over the weekend, prompting a sarcastic response from Garcia.

This fight is againstĀ Garcia was the first time the American Dragon wrestled since Double Or Nothing on May 29. Danielson appears to have suffered a concussion during the Anarchy In The Arena match, which left him on the shelf through Forbidden Door and Death Before Dishonor. pay-per-views. His triumphant return was supposed to take place last week, but Garcia and JAS had other plans. Jake Hager intervened in the fight, allowing Daniel to defeat Brian.

Garcia decided to poke the bear by responding to Moxley’s passionate promo. From his @GarciaWrestling Twitter account, he asked: “Why didn’t he talk about Brian? Why isn’t he in this video? What happened to Brian?” apparently mocking the way fans reacted to AEW’s official tweet.

Garcia’s win over Brian wasn’t clean, but beating one of AEW’s biggest stars is a giant feather he has in his cap right now. Prior to the fight with Danielson, Garcia had not participated in singles matches on Dynamite since June 1, when John Moxley passed him. During his last appearance in WWE, Danielson tried to create big stars for the company, suffering heavy losses from young promising players. The feud between the Blackpool Fighting Club and the Jericho Appreciation Society had long since expired, and both “Anarchy in the Arena” and “Blood and Guts” became matches that were supposed to serve as a breakthrough. Despite this, at least AEW uses the time to create new faces for the main event scene.

Garcia and Wheeler Utah have been the beneficiaries of competing with big names like Moxley, Chris Jericho and Danielson, and over time these wins will matter. Garcia is 23 years old and has less than 150 professional matches to his credit. However, he takes every opportunity to get better by working at PWG, DEFY, and NJPW when not appearing on AEW television. At the moment, it is unclear when Brian Danielson will return to television. He was on Dynamite for only one week, and the announcement team didn’t exactly sell him, as if Garcia was responsible for his disappearance. Let’s hope AEW can fix this soon if these matches don’t make a big difference in the long run.


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