AEW: Kenny Omega returns to the ring after almost 300-day absence

Kenny Omega has officially returned to All Elite Wrestling. Omega was revealed as the mysterious partner of Young Bucks in the Trios Tournament. Omega’s participation in the first round of the Tournament marks his return to the ring after an almost 300-day absence from the wrestling company. After the match, Omega made some remarks to the crowd in Charleston, West Virginia.
Omega is the previous AEW world champion, holding the championship for 346 days. He is currently the longest-serving AEW world champion. Omega’s winning streak was recorded on Full Gear last November, where Omega was defeated by his former tag team partner Hangman Adam Page. Page continued to hold the World Championship for almost 200 days before being defeated by CM Punk.
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Omega is back in the Dynamite main event. The Young Bucks were supposed to take part in the first round of the Triples Tournament with a mysterious partner who would fight the team of Andrade El Idolo, Rush and Dragon Lee. After the appearance of the Young Bucks, Brandon Cutler handed Justin Roberts a piece of paper listing a huge number of Omega’s achievements. Omega will make its first trip up the ramp in almost 300 days, accompanied by Don Kallis and Michael Nakazava. Kallis will join the match commentary team, and Nakazawa will join Cutler at the ring.
Omega and Young Bucks defeated Idolo, Rush and Lee, leading them to the semifinals of the Trio Tournament. Omega managed to land a One-Winged Angel on Lee, which prompted him to count three. The reunited elite will fight the winners of the Triangle of Death (Penta El Zero M, Ray Phoenix and the All-Atlantic Champion PAC), as well as Will Osprey and the Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher), which, as announced, will take place on the next episode of Dynamite.
Omega’s long list of achievements goes far beyond AEW, but inside the company Omega and Young Bucks have left their mark. In addition to being the longest-serving AEW world champions, Omega and Paige held the AEW World Team Championships for 228 days. They were surpassed only by the Young Bucks, who held the tag team champions for 302 days in their first reign. The Young Bucks are also the first and only two-time AEW World team champions, but held them for only 28 days during their second reign before being defeated by Keith Lee and Dave Strickland.
In his speech after Dynamite went off the air, Omega said that he still had to do something in the ring to catch up with Young Bucks. During his absence for several months, Omega was recovering from a number of injuries that he had been working with for many years. While the Elite continues to participate in this Trio Tournament, Omega strives to remind everyone how impressive he is in the ring. As a trio, Elite hopes to add another championship title to their impressive list of awards.


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