AEW Fight Forever Teaser Reveals Boxing Art, Pokemon Stadium-Style Mini-Games Leaked Online


For decades, WWE has remained relatively unchecked in the mainstream wrestling video game space, but that will change later this year. AEW Fight Forever is due to be launched for various platforms at the end of 2022, when publisher THQ Nordic will release a brand new teaser of the game that shows box art, at the same time a leak from the Microsoft Store showed the first gameplay, mini-games, and more.

Starting with the official teaser, the official game debut of AEW Fight Forever will be presented at the upcoming THQ Nordic Showcase, which will take place on August 12 at 12:00 Pacific time. A short teaser released today confirms this, and also reveals the athletes from the cover. As leaked earlier, the AEW Fight Forever box art depicts SM Punk in the center, flanked by Britt Baker and Kenny Omega, and behind Chris Jericho, Jade Cargill and John Moxley. These six are some of the brightest stars of AEW, so it makes sense that they will decorate the cover of the first AEW console game.

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In addition to releasing a teaser, THQ Nordic also officially confirmed previously leaked gameplay details. AEW Fight Forever will include many unique match types, including a “Duel to the Death from Exploding Barbed Wire”, as well as genre-standard settings in which players will be able to create their own wrestlers, sets of techniques, arenas and much more. It also confirmed that, according to rumors, the Switch version of AEW Fight Forever is indeed in development.

Leaks of AEW Fight Forever occur at a constant rate, and another leak occurred after the game was confirmed for the THQ Nordic Showcase. Footage of the gameplay of AEW Fight Forever, which was supposed to debut at the THQ Nordic Showcase, was leaked to the Microsoft Store. The opening of the gameplay is organized by Britt Baker and Tony Schiavone, and the gameplay definitely exudes the atmosphere of WWF No Mercy.

The video game AEW Fight Forever makes sense to remind WWF No Mercy. After all, the WWF No Mercy director was really involved in the development of the game. But what may surprise some fans is that AEW Fight Forever draws inspiration from another game for the Nintendo 64 in the form of Pokemon Stadium. A leak from the Microsoft Store revealed Pokemon Stadium-style mini-games that players will be able to play in AEW Fight Forever, including one in which players run around the ring collecting casino chips falling from the sky, and another that looks like a house derby. on the football field.

AEW Fight Forever can’t compete with WWE 2K in terms of production value, but that’s not what it’s trying to do anyway. From the leaked footage, it becomes clear that AEW Fight Forever is focused solely on the release of a video game about wrestling, which is aimed at nostalgic gamers who grew up on games such as WWF No Mercy, and it will be interesting to see if it will be able to match the high level. the bar set by this game.

AEW Fight Forever is coming out in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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