AEW Fight Forever Should Not Be a “WWE 2K Killer”


Although the WWE 2K gaming franchise has been around for many years, AEW Fight Forever will be All Elite Wrestling’s first attempt to create a non-mobile video game for its weekly TV show. The first one has evolved over time, learning from its mistakes and developing what made the series so great from the very beginning. Switching developers to visual concepts helped breathe new life into WWE 2K, so since Yuk has moved to lead a new project from AEW, there are huge expectations that the upcoming game will be at the same level as what the company has done in the past. .

AEW is a completely different product than WWE, and it gives priority to wrestling fans, rather than entertainment and the pleasure of viewers of all ages. This is for those who want their chosen wrestling show to be more edgy, and therefore the expectation that AEW Fight Forever will continue the trend in the video game space is very high. However, it’s clear that WWE 2K has laid an impressive foundation for wrestling-centric games to draw inspiration from, but as the release date of AEW Fight Forever is inches away, its best course of action is probably to do everything possible to avoid comparisons to the crown of Visual Concepts.. franchise.

AEW Fight Forever must defend its differences

The franchise has had several glitches in recent years, but WWE 2K is known and revered by fans for its regular (albeit inconsistent) attempts to perfect the formula. Since WWF No Mercy revolutionized the genre and gave fans a game that they still enjoy, the company has firmly established itself not only in the field of fighting games, but also stands next to some of the best sports games. Juke’s rivalry with WWE 2K in the first AEW video game would be an impossible task, so he has to build on his youth and choose something else instead. At worst, it will be an unforgettable experience, but at best, as in the case of the company itself, it can be a sign of great things to come.

Using the more adult nature of the show could help create its own tone and attract an audience that doesn’t find pleasure in the WWE franchise. The game could use the content of TV-14 not only in how it looks and sounds, but also in the gameplay. WWE 2K imitates the experience of watching flagship shows well, but the fighting genre is diverse, and AEW Fight Forever has many directions in which to develop its basic mechanics.

WWE 2K is one of many great fighting games

There will be plenty of fighting games in 2022, from the traditional 2D Street Fighter format to the impressive arena battles in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. The gameplay of AEW Fight Forever looks more like the latter, but it succeeds in using the combined design of 2D games or the fast-paced and unrealistic approach that games like WWE 2K Battlegrounds and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, are used for relative success.

AEW Fight Forever is best to draw inspiration from other games that exist outside of wrestling in general. Chasing the tail of a franchise that has been developing its gameplay for decades would be a bold and, frankly, naive decision, and pulling the mechanics out of the simplicity of different fighting games would be wise. Publisher THQ Nordic has gained a foothold in a large number of genres, and ensuring that the AEW project is truly unique would be a greater advantage than if it were an unfinished clone of WWE 2K.

AEW Fight Forever has a small chance to compete with the proven formula and game design that WWE 2K has used for years. If he tries to capture a niche genre of wrestling games by playing the same game, he will most likely fail, as anything less than a revolutionary experience could make him feel like a shameless copycat for pre-existing WWE license fans. The more creative AEW Fight Forever will show the fight simulator, the better.

AEW Fight Forever is coming out in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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