AEW: Brody King Sends Constant Warning to Darby Allen Before Match in Coffin


The House of Black is still trying to prove that the house always wins. When Malachi Black delivered a message to Miro during the last episode of All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite, Brody King entered the frame to warn his longtime rival. King has taken his warning for Darby Allyn to new heights by perpetuating a long-standing feud with a new tattoo.

King joined the AEW lineup on January 12, 2022 after several on-screen Black teasers. King joined Black during his debut, attacking Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. of Varsity Blondes, as well as Penta Oscuro. Later, Black and King added Buddy Matthews to the House of Black list and began a feud with the Triangle of Death.

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During the latest House of Black promo, both Black and King confirmed what their current priorities are. While Black turned his attention to Miro, King made it clear that despite a number of victories over Allin, he was not done with him yet. King drew attention to Allin’s tattoo with the words “Nothing is finished until you go underground,” before vowing that the feud between them would not end until King did just that. He then challenged Allin to a coffin match, asking Allin to tell him what flowers he wanted on his tombstone. King tattooed a tombstone with Allin’s name to prove how serious his intentions were.

In the past few weeks, King and Allin have revived their long-standing feud. On July 1, King and Allin were two participants in the first AEW Royal Rampage to determine a new contender for the AEW Intermediate World Championship, currently hosted by John Moxley. The match ended cruelly when King knocked Allin out of the match with a furious soporific. King was defeated by Moxley in their championship match, and then King refused to recognize Allin’s mark of respect for the battle that King gave to Allin and Moxley. The two had a singles match in which King came out on top again.

Problems between King and Allin also arose outside the ring. King developed a habit of attacking Allin in public. In early July, King sneaked up on Allin during an autograph signing and led him across the table. Most recently, King and Black attacked Allin at Comic-Con in San Diego. Their rivalry dates back several years, and even Allin’s father is involved in it. Despite King’s intention to bury Allin, matches in a coffin are Allin’s experience. Allin is currently undefeated in AEW’s coffin matches with previous wins over Ethan Page and Andrade El Idolo.

A coffin match between King and Allin may be exactly what they need to end the feud between them and allow both men to focus their attention on something else. Dynamite has provided a first look at the trio’s titles, announcing that a tournament will be held at All Out this September, where the first champions will be crowned. While the House of Black is not in the habit of chasing championship gold, Black, King and Matthews have proven that they are the dominant force that will pose a threat to the tournament participants once Matthews is allowed to participate in the competition.


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