AEW and MJF in uncharted waters and in the role of the forbidden door


The ongoing saga between AEW and MJF continues to gain momentum so much that one respected industry insider believes that the performer and the federation may go too far down the rabbit hole. The MJF homemade bomb-style promo happened almost two weeks ago, but it is still the main topic of conversation for All Elite Wrestling fans. AEW, to be fair, has not mentioned Friedman on television at all since his microphone was turned off on June 1, to the point that they removed him from the packages before the exhibition and removed his products from the official website.

MJF also stopped broadcasting. He hasn’t used Twitter since May 27, and his Instagram has been inactive since May 19. He reportedly hasn’t been backstage since Dynamite on June 1, but that hasn’t stopped him from being at the center of the talent conversation. so is the media.

In the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer talks in detail about the situation between MJF and AEW. He writes that in addition to what was stated here above, “(a) all other information is hidden from everyone, so although many may assume that (MJF) signed the extension with the idea, why would Tony Khan do this angle if he didn’t. no one knows and no one will know.” Meltzer goes on to question whether it’s wise for Khan to play in his locker room just to preserve MJF’s point of view, writing that “(is) it worth it for everything in the company to be questioned internally by those who work there and kept in the dark. … (I) don’t think so.” He notes that these are “uncharted waters”, and it will take some time before it becomes clear whether it was all worth it, in terms of money and the power of drawing.

There were various reports that indicated that other AEW talents were unhappy about being kept in the dark about MJF’s point of view. Meltzer notes that the uncertainty surrounding Friedman did not really affect the sales of “Double or Nothing”, and although the ratings rose in the June 1 episode of Dynamite, these numbers began to fall even before the infamous promotion ended.

However, unofficial videos featuring a homemade bomb and a reaction to it are gaining hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, and there is still a lot of noise around this MJF storyline. All fans know that behind-the-scenes rumors that talent is unhappy can also be part of the job. Recent reports indicate that AEW was probably aware that MJF leaked information about his flight from Las Vegas before “Double or Nothing” after all, so who knows where filming ends here. Or if it ever existed in the first place. With the impending pay-per-view of AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door and the need to sell this show well, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before MJF somehow gets back into the main event mix. Even if it’s something wild, like costing John Moxley the AEW World Interim Championship in his main fight with Hiroshi Tanahashi.