AESPA Share New Group Teasers For Single Black Mamba


AESPA is about to make their debut with the song ‘Black Mamba,’ the singers and rappers of the SM Entertainment company shared new group teasers for their exciting music project.

AESPA is a K-pop group that attracted a lot of public attention, the individual teasers of the members received thousands of likes, showing that they are one of the most anticipated projects by fans.

On November 17, AESPA will make their long-awaited debut with the single ‘Black Mamba’, the 4-member girl band has an interesting concept, in which the digital world and the real world come together to create a magical force.

Through the social networks of SM Entertainment and AESPA, different promotional photos were shared that are part of the song ‘Black Mamba’, a track that seems challenging and powerful.

Today, new group teasers for Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning were revealed for the single ‘Black Mamba,’ the idols appear with their digital versions, which have an ‘AE’ connection to the stars.


The group teaser set for ‘Black Mamba’ consists of two photographs, in which the idols show their modeling skills in front of the camera, with bright outfits that reflect the personality of each of the AESPA members.

The first image is starring the 4 members of AESPA and their AE versions are added, which are the virtual characters of those represented by SM Entertainment, the set has tropical elements, such as plants and large palm trees.

In the second teaser, only Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning appear with colorful and vibrant looks in shades such as lilac, green, purple, pink and black. In the description of the teasers of ‘Black Mamba’ you can read:

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Another guest that appears in the teasers is Navis, a character from the AE universe who connects the members of AESPA with their versions in the digital world. Are you excited for AESPA’s debut?

A few days ago, AESPA’s Karina and EXO’s Kai proved that they are the perfect dance couple, both of them were part of a campaign in collaboration with the Hyundai car company.


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