AESPA reveals the Black Mamba color universe


The 4 girls of AESPA are revealing new details of their debut with the song ‘Black Mamba’, a single that promises to reflect the energy and personality of SM Entertainment idols.

AESPA is one of the most anticipated musical projects in the world of K-pop, the female group brings together a lineup of 4 idols who have trained in different areas of training such as dancing, singing and rap.

As the girl group plans to debut on November 17, the artists will make their appearance on world stages with the single ‘Black Mamba’, a track that has been described by SM Entertainment as powerful and unique.

Through the social networks of the group and its agency, different advances of ‘Black Mamba’ have been shared, such as photographs, videos and group teasers where it is appreciated in the concept of AESPA.

A few hours ago, the first group teaser video for ‘Black Mamba’ was released, where the 4 singers and rappers of AESPA take viewers to know the two universes of their music, the AE and the MY.


The new teaser for ‘Black Mamba’ is 39 seconds long and begins with an energetic melody, the sets used for the recording of the MV are colorful and very detailed work on editing is seen.

The looks of the idols are in quite striking colors, such as lime green, orange, neon, blue and some of their clothes are in holographic fabric, which immediately captures the attention of fans.

Another detail of the ‘Black Mamba’ teaser is that the music stars showed an excerpt of their single’s choreography, the steps are original and the camera movements make the idols look incredible.

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AESPA fans took to social media to share their first impressions of the ‘Black Mamba’ teaser video, commenting on some theories that would explain the struggle between good and evil. What you think?

Yesterday AESPA revealed a clip of ‘Black Mamba’, the idols showed their most mysterious, elegant and dangerous side.


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