AESPA is SM Entertainment’s new girl group?


Netizens believe that AESPA is the new girl group of the entertainment company SM, the group’s social networks have already been opened and fans are excited about the project.

SM Entertainment is one of the leading companies in Korean entertainment, the company founded by musician Lee Soo Man is creating new surprises for K-pop fans.

The agency that represents groups such as EXO, SHINee, Red Velvet and Super Junior, announced that within its 2020 plans it was to launch a new girl group, which would revolutionize Korean pop.

A few hours ago, updates were posted about the AESPA project and apparently it is the new girl group of the entertainment company. Will SM soon announce AESPA’s debut?


SM Entertainment has not officially stated anything, but on AESPA’s Twitter and Instagram accounts there are some clues that users have found. These profiles were created in June 2020, but it was until today that they were updated.

On Twitter, Instagram, and Weibo, the group’s logo and the first teaser were posted, which is an animation of the band’s name. K-pop fans believe that there are different possibilities for AESPA.

Some netizens think that AESPA could be a girl group with a very similar concept to Super M, perhaps a female sub-unit of NCT or a group of trainees.

In the intro of AESPA there is a sound that belongs to one of the MVs of Super M and at the end of the music video for ‘ONE’, Taemin holds a cell phone and on the screen is the AESPA logo, the idol said that part the clip was a big spoiler.

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On Weibo there are other data that are interesting, since it is said that AESPA will be made up of artists of different nationalities, with 4 foreign members from countries such as China and Japan. Red Velvet debuted 6 years ago, so AESPA would be the first girl group created by SM Entertainment since the release of ‘Happiness’.

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