AESPA debuts with surprising MV for Black Mamba


The AESPA girls show off their skills in the colorful video for Black Mamba, a clip that reflects their musical style.

The debut of Winter, Gilselle, Ningning and Karina is already a reality, the idols are now part of the K-Pop industry and they surprised the fans with everything we saw during the Black Mamba video. This clip captured the essence of AESPA and the potential of the girls.

SM Entertainment adds a new group to the artists it represents, AESPA is a girl group of 4 talented girls with great visual qualities. The gazes of K-Pop fans around the world remained attentive to this debut and it was finally revealed what style they will present on stage.


The video of Black Mamba begins with a stage full of bright colors while the idols keep a fixed gaze at the camera, until the set changes to a magical place that refers us to the first teaser images of the group, where they appear surrounded by luminous nature that seems from another universe.

The MV shows us the connection between reality, technology and fantasy, making use of devices to renew the environment of the AESPA girls and show their connection with AE while avoiding the threat represented by Black Mamba.

Recently, the idols gave a name to the fans who had been waiting for their debut and who will support them from now on. The fandom will be named MY and they explained that within the universe where AESPA’s AE inhabit, this is the term used to call the most precious friends.

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