AESPA charges black Mamba for plagiarism


AESPA released a new teaser for Black Mamba in anticipation of their K-Pop debut, but received multiple accusations pointing to possible plagiarism.

SM Entertainment is about to debut their new girl group, expectations for AESPA’s skills and style have continued to rise, but idols have also received bad comments after releasing a new teaser for the MV Black Mamba. The design of this video was identified as plagiarism due to several qualities it possesses, we will tell you what they are.

Black Mamba will show various facets of the idols where we observe their strength, style and personality. The most recent teaser for this music video shows the girls in colorful settings, but the details in this production caught the eye and led to comments about whether this was a copy of others’ work.


Previously, the idea of ​​creating an AE for each member of the idol group sparked several comments that indicated a resemblance to the KD / A characters, however, the reveal of the teaser for Black Mamba’s music video prompted several internet users to make comparisons between the clip and the K / DA POP / STARS music video.

This was not the only accusation towards the group, Timo Helgert is a visual artist originally from Germany who claimed to have been plagiarized through the newly revealed video. According to his post on Instagram comparing images of his work and AESPA’s teaser, he received messages that made him watch the idol group’s clip, however, he clarified that he had not worked with SM Entertainment, so they had probably copied his ideas since you didn’t get any permission requests.

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The similarities noted between the teaser video and the Timo Helgert videos are the scenes inside a train car, since in both cases nature is observed on the ground and a large snake moving in this space.

We also invite you to check out AESPA’s previous teaser for the music video that will mark their debut.


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