aespa Announces The First Concert “SYNK: HYPER LINE” + MY Reaction


aespa announced an upcoming solo concert in Korea called “The first concert of AESPA 2023 — SYNK: HYPER LINE”.

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aespa announces the first concert “SYNK: HYPER LINE”, MY reaction to this announcement
On January 20, aespa announced the upcoming 2023 concert titled “2023 aespa 1ST CONCERT — SYNK: HYPER LINE”, which will take place at Jamsil Arena in Seoul, Korea.

The event will start on February 25 and 26.

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Fans were surprised by the announcement that the rookie monsters were back for group activities. This will be AESPA’s first solo concert since their debut in November 2020.

The female group will also showcase other popular hits, such as the vocally-oriented “Savage” and their futuristic track “Next Level”.

Fans are expected to see more performances from AESPA, including possible special stages. In addition, the concert will host a live broadcast of the second day via Beyond LIVE for those who will not be able to attend the concert.

Information about tickets for online viewing will be announced soon on a separate date.

Moreover, the general sale will open on January 30. The pre-sale of the fan club will begin on January 27 at 20:00. KST and tickets will be sold through YES24.

The concert declaration attracted the attention of MYs. They expressed their excitement online about the big AESPA announcement. While most fans congratulated the girls on their first solo concert, others were shocked by the ticket prices.

Some also claimed that the preparation for the concert is the reason for the absence of the band in the half of 2022. Fans also wondered how they would handle the comeback despite their busy schedule.

Fans commented:

“Wow, congratulations on your first concert!”

“This is the first concert of children. Can’t we just congratulate them?”

“The preparation of their concert and perhaps their full album can explain their absence last year. People need to learn to be more patient, instead of thinking that SM is wasting aespa time.”

“When people said it was expensive, I thought maybe because of the futuristic design on stage, like MAMA 2021 (Black Mamba), but of course it’s better. Since the aespa identity is futuristic, I hope SM invested in really good stage props.”

“I wonder if they’re going to release the album before the concert OR if they’re going to release it after the concert. Something like Red Velvet when they first performed Power Up, and the rest of the Summer Magic B-sides on Redmare. ”

aespa is the first female k—pop group to perform in the “GMA” summer concert series
From other news: aespa became the first female K-pop group to perform in the Good Morning America 2022 summer concert series.

On June 27, an announcement was released stating that the female group was listed in the line-up along with such popular artists as Megan Thee Stallion, Demi Lovato, OneRepublic, Ozuna and Black Eyed Peas.

The band performed their hits “Next Level”, “Savage”, “Life’s Too Short” and “Girls”.

Watch their performances here!

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