aespa and ENHYPEN Named Rookie of the Year at the ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards’


aespa and ENHYPEN are the two K-Pop groups that have been named Rookie of the Year or the best rookie group of the year.

On Thursday (02/12), the two groups attended a prestigious award ceremony in South Korea, entitled ‘2021 Asia Artist Awards‘ or abbreviated as ‘2021 AAA‘.

Through the award ceremony, AESPA and ENHYPEN were successfully named Rookie of the Year for the male and female singer categories.

aespa and ENHYPEN themselves are rookie groups who both made their debut at the end of 2020, so the two groups have only turned 1 year old since their debut.

Meanwhile, actor Lee Do Hyun was named Rookie of the Year at the same awards ceremony for the actor and actress categories.

Congratulations to this year’s Rookie of the Year!