aespa and ENHYPEN Named Best Rookie Artists at ‘MAMA 2021’


The awards show ‘MAMA 2021‘ has announced the two best rookie artists of the year. After holding a red carpet session, the ‘2121 MAMA‘ awards ceremony officially begins.

The two award categories that were first announced by ‘MAMA 2021‘ were Best New Female Artist and Best New Male Artist.

Best New Female Artist was won by a rookie girl group from SM Entertainment, aespa, and Best New Male Artist was won by ENHYPEN from BELIFT LAB.

aespa and ENHYPEN are two rookie groups who both made their debut at the end of 2020.

Both groups welcomed the award trophy in person and will also present a special performance at ‘MAMA 2021‘ tonight.

Congratulations to aespa and ENHYPEN!