Aegyo, what is it and how to get it in the enterprise without dying


Aegyo has been a popular trend in Korea for years, however, with the popularity that the entertainment industry of that country has achieved in recent years, it is now known all over the world, so you have probably stumbled upon this. word more than once.

The term aegyo refers to something that is adorable, therefore, the key to achieving it is in the tenderness and sweetness that you can transmit with your words and actions.

The aegyo is usually a mixture of the flirtatious and sweet attitude with activities of the same type, among which you can find hand signs, songs or phrases that seek to show charm and, at the same time, get away with it.


As we mentioned, you must become someone very tender, therefore you must make your features look innocent and charming. Also, you will have to use your voice with a higher pitched sound than you actually have.

It may be hard at first to try because it will seem out of the ordinary to you, but if you think about it carefully, when you talk to young children or even your pets, you probably do it just as sweetly.




This type of aegyo is accompanied by a song, the technique is to act tender using one finger of each hand, then with two and so on. It is an easy to learn choreography with the hands:

Confession song

As its name says, it is a song where through the lyrics someone makes known their feelings of love towards another person. Like gwiyomi, she has a choreography where the person acts shy and ends up making different types of hearts with her hands:


It is also a song, this one does not have choreography, but it does include all the tenderness of aegyo, so when singing you should show your sweetest side.

Buing buing

The ideal aegyo for those who are shy, since in addition to being simple it is very fast. To do it you only have to make a fist with one or both hands, place it next to your cheek and move it back and forth a couple of times.

Save you in my heart

The phrase for this aegyo means ‘I keep you in my heart’ and to accompany it, there is also a movement with the hands framing the target

Ottoke Song

This song has gained popularity recently, as many idols have performed it on variety shows. The song is about one person confessing her interest in another, but at the same time she wonders what she should do.


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