Advertising display begins on Telegram channels


Telegram announced that almost eight years after its launch, the number of active users approached 500 million. Approaching an important milestone, the secure communication platform seems to have found the long-awaited formula for making money.

Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov, in his post on his personal channel, stated that he had no intention of selling the company to an organization like Facebook; however, he stated that, as of 2021, ads will be shown on the channels on the platform to cover some costs.

Those who use Telegram to communicate with family and friends will not see ads on the chat screen. All the features currently used in the application will also continue to be free. Saying that displaying ads in one-on-one conversations is not a good thing, Durov said that there should be no advertising in communication between people.

As mentioned above, the ads will be shown within the channels in Telegram. These channels are managed by a person or organization and provide fast information transfer to their followers. The posts on these channels look like Twitter posts rather than SMS. Durov pointed out that some channels show advertisements through third parties and that they damage the user experience. Telegram’s founder underlined that organic ads to be placed will not affect the user experience.

Durov seems determined that the applications to make money will not change the structure of Telegram. It is necessary to wait to see if the Telegram founder can fulfill this commitment.

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