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Somag News consists of some of the best-known e-business and technology publications. In addition to reporting the top industry news of the day, our award-winning journalists produce a broad range of content you won’t find anywhere else: original features, expert analyses, insightful commentaries and exclusive interviews with industry leaders. The network features these publications:

Somag News has been flagship publication, and it has consistently ranked among the top technology news outlets in the world.

It is a must-read for IT professionals and other key decision makers — from C-level executives at Fortune 1000 companies to owners of small and mid-size businesses — who need to keep up with the latest technology news and business trends in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Coverage includes a variety of tech business topics including e-commerce, social media, the mobile explosion, tech business deals, legal controversies, enterprise IT and cloud computing applications, e-marketing and small business advice.

The E-Commerce Times is a trusted source of in-depth information and valuable insights on the business of technology.

Corporate decision makers, software developers and consumers frequent Somag News, attracted to its unique coverage of the latest tech news, along with original features, provocative columns and exclusive interviews on topics ranging from cutting-edge breakthroughs in advanced computing to the latest in mobile gadgetry.

Somag News covers the most important, latest-breaking news about computing, including mobile and social networking trends. Areas of focus include cutting-edge hardware and software reviews, cybersecurity, IT management, scientific advances, gaming and online entertainment.

Serving as an essential resource for both professionals and end users, Somag News is the most comprehensive, one-stop destination for fresh technology information and perspectives on the Internet today.

A team of tech-savvy writers report on Linux-related topics from an insider’s perspective, focusing on the areas where the impact of open source technology is most strongly felt: in the enterprise, in the development lab and on the desktop.

Somag News chronicles the details of these topics across several regular beats, including security, networks and mobile applications.

From the technology of embedding Somag News into TV set-top boxes to the philosophy of understanding the goals of the free software initiative, to the business of deciding between an open source or proprietary enterprise application, Somag News content menu offers courses that are digestible enough for tech newbies and meaty enough for serious tech heads.