Adventure in a Big Way shares a funny trailer of his story


PlayStation Studios shares an adorable new trailer for their new video game set in the LittleBigPlanet universe for PS4 and PS5.

Sackboy: An adventure in a big way, the new video game from Sumo Digital and PlayStation Studios for PS4 and PS5 that will hit the market on November 12, presents a new and funny trailer focused on the story of a title that takes place in the colorful e imaginative universe from LittleBigPlanet. A new video trailer that immerses us in this new adventure of three-dimensional platforms starring the always charismatic Sackboy and company.

Available on PS4 and PS5 November 12

Thus, and thanks to this new advance, we know more details of the world of Sackboy, in which we will have to face Vex, a villain who emerges from the fear of the inhabitants of such a particular universe and who ends up kidnapping them in order to make the merry Craftsman World in a nightmare place through a contraption known as the Lifting Legs.

Sackboy will have to overcome a thousand and one dangers to end Vex’s plans while rescuing his friends through the most varied and dangerous environments devised by the villain of the game himself; Luckily, our beloved wool hero will have the help of the Knights of the Stitch, a group of superheroes who have always defended the Artisan World from any threat and who this time will not hesitate to provide all possible help to little Sackboy.

Sackboy: A big adventure will hit the market coinciding with the launch of PS5 on November 12, although in Spain, as we know, we will have to wait another week to get hold of the new Sony console; Of course, PS4 players will be able to enjoy the title on the same launch day in their current systems, all for a price of 69.99 euros for the standard edition, while the Special Edition, only for PS4, will be priced at 89.99 euros with various extras such as an art book, a Sackboy plush toy or the OST, among others. Finally, the Digital Deluxe Edition, available for both consoles, will be priced at € 89.99 with all the digital extras.


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