Advancement! The news that Piqué and Shakira will release shortly …


The new year has just begun for everyone. With it, new expectations are opened and many new purposes have begun or that had been left in a dark room. For the Piqué Mebarak family it is also a time for all this and it shows. A few days ago the family’s mother, Shakira, posted a photo on her Instagram where you could see an orange sun about to disappear on the horizon to give way to the night and, with it, to a new year, 2020.

As the old saying goes, “in the end the sun always rises” and for one of the most famous families of the moment, this could translate into the arrival of a new offspring. Currently Piqué and Shakira have two children, Milan and Shasha and not taking long, it could be extended to three if this rumor ends up confirming.

The news, in the absence of confirmation, has emerged as a result of some photos in which Shakira has been seen wearing sportswear (there are already several occasions in which the Colombian does, not being something usual in it) and with something of tripita or, at least, that seemed in the image captured at the Miami airport. So far neither the singer nor the footballer and businessman have published anything about it or denied anything and in the next few hours one of the two may confirm or deny this rumor that is gradually gaining strength.

The two, Shakira and Piqué, have been in Miami with their children for a few days so that the coffee maker could begin to prepare what will be, without a doubt, one of its most important “concerts” of 2020: the one that will be held during the Rest of the next Superbowl on February 2, that is, in less than a month.