Advanced GPU to Xiaomi Game Turbo phones


Xiaomi is preparing a major update to the Game Turbo mode of the MIUI interface that will bring advanced GPU controls to the brand’s phones. The information was revealed by screenshots shared by Ice Universe, a famous Twitter profile that often reveals information about the mobile industry ahead of time.

According to the person responsible for the leak, the new Game Turbo was developed in a partnership between Xiaomi and Qualcomm, bringing great optimizations for games when run on Snapdragon line chips. The novelty should make its debut in the market with the Mi 10 Pro + cell phone, which may be launched soon.

The MIUI feature has a table called “GPU Settings”, which includes different usage profiles for the phone’s graphics chip. The options range from battery saving to high performance, for games that require more of the hardware present in the device.

The most interesting part, however, is due to customizations. Players will also have the option to manually change the quality of certain aspects of the game. The leaked screenshot shows the settings for anisotropic filtering, anti-aliasing and texture quality.

Although the images do not provide further details, Ice Universe also explains that players can even adjust the frequency of the GPU with the new Game Turbo. The novelty comes close to the control panels that currently exist on the PC and allow you to configure game graphics to achieve the best performance on different types of hardware.

Xiaomi has not yet officially commented on the matter, but possibly the company will bring the tool to market soon. In addition to the rumors about the Mi 10 Pro + being more and more constant, the firm is working on the gamer cell phone Black Shark 3S, which should be launched this Friday (31).


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