Advanced explosive deactivator robot has been made


That in Spain there is no shortage of talent is a very clear question – another thing is the support in certain sectors, whether public or private. And although in Robotics we are not as advanced as the Japanese or the Americans from Boston Dynamics, we have done little things, such as the Zenzoe robot, used at the beginning of the de-escalation last May to disinfect 3,055 square meters of facilities in the Hospital University of Burgos.

And today another robotic creation ‘made in Spain’ was announced: the aunav.NEO, a unique robot used in the disposal of explosives in the world.


Work of the aunav company, an expert in the development of robotic solutions in defense and security, the aunav.neo is developed and manufactured at the aunav facilities in Huesca, and arises “as a response to the need of the security forces and the armed forces to have versatile systems that can operate in different settings, including those with difficult access. ”

For this, the robot is prepared for the neutralization of improvised explosives, ammunition or CBRN threats (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical) in spaces as diverse as corridors of planes, buses or subways, underground tunnels or lands with rubble, as well as open spaces .

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