Adriyan Rae interviews us 5 for her new role


A few days ago the NBC series Chicago Fire saw the premiere of season 9, where we were introduced to the show’s new actress, Adriyan Rae, to play the paramedic, Gianna Mackey.

But since the premiere of the series, actress Adriyan Rae has not stopped being in interviews for her new role in Chicago Fire, something that has excited all the fans.

Adriyan Rae, comes from interpreting a series in SYFY called, Vagrant Queen, which was unfortunately canceled in June of this 2020, in just its first season.

But now with her new role in Chicago Fire as Gianna Mackey, the actress seems to be more sure of herself and shows us this photo of her ready for her 5 interviews for her new role.

NBC, I do not doubt with the great performance that Adriyan Rae had, for which they decided to hire her to play Gianna Mackey in season 9 of Chicago Fire, something that the fans have undoubtedly liked.

On November 18, 2020, the second episode of Chicago Fire season 9 will be seen, everyone is waiting to see how the development of the new character, Gianna Mackey, will continue.

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