Adorable child Kim Kardashian with her best friend on!


Kim Kardashian shared never-before-seen photos with her best friend. The star is revealed when she was a child. And it is amazing!

Kim Kardashian celebrated her best friend’s birthday on Instagram! And surprise! The bombshell shared several photos of her as a child to pay tribute to their beautiful friendship. We let you discover!

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian loves revealing her privacy to her fans! Indeed, the it girl never hesitates to post pictures of her loved ones on social networks.

The pretty brunette even uses Instagram to declare her love for her friends and family. So it’s not uncommon to see cute love messages on her profile.

Kim Kardashian also hit very hard this Tuesday, January 12! Indeed, the bomb is celebrating the birthday of her childhood best friend today. She therefore put the small dishes in the big ones to pay homage to him on the web!

The new mother has decided to share many childhood photos to celebrate her friendship with her BFF. So it didn’t take more to panic internet users!


Kim Kardashian shared a series of childhood photos via her story. We can then find her and her friend when they were still in school together. Unbelievable !

The star is almost unrecognizable in the photo! Scrunchies in the hair, sneakers, woolen sweater… the fashionista is in her current looks!

However, one thing hasn’t changed in all of his years! Indeed, Kim Kardashian is still so close to her best friend, even 15 years later! And the young woman may be very moved by discovering this pretty statement!

Like what, the it girl is not afraid to post files on her Instagram account. His photo has been around the web in a few hours. So, will she continue to show her childhood memories to her fans?


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