Adobe’s latest Lightroom update deleted photos of users


Photographers on Twitter, Reddit and Photoshop’s feedback forums have been in serious panic over the past few days. All photos and presets from users who downloaded the Adobe Lightroom iOS app suddenly disappeared. While Adobe verified the incident with a statement, it also stated that the deleted data was lost for good.

A Reddit user posted the following on the subject: “During the last two days, I spoke with customer service for more than four hours. Just a minute ago, they said there was no solution to the problem and that the lost photos could not be recovered. ” The same user also stated that the photo editing he has made for more than two years has disappeared. Similar complaints were also shared at PetaPixel.

One Lightroom user who tweeted, “This is the worst thing that could happen,” said he lost both 800 photos and hundreds of dollars of presets.

Adobe representative Rikk Flohr confirmed the problem and apologized in his post on the Photoshop forum. Flohr has released an additional update so that the problem doesn’t affect more users. However, this update will not benefit users whose photos are deleted.

Adobe later made another statement in which Flohr’s statements were largely repeated. In the statement, it was stated that the problem especially affected the mobile users of Lightroom, which does not have a cloud subscription; It was stated that users whose photos and presets were not synchronized with the cloud during the update were also damaged due to the problem. The company also stated that some users can recover some of their data thanks to iPhone and iPad backups. In its statement, Adobe did not neglect to apologize to its users once again.

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Users of the Adobe Lightroom iOS app are not the first group affected by this kind of bug. A similar problem occurred with Canon’s “” platform this month, and users’ photos were deleted.


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