Adobe Reveals Tool That Changes People’s Appearance In Videos


Adobe: During the Adobe Max 2021 event, the productivity software company unveiled a demonstration of the experimental Project Morpheus tool, which is capable of altering the appearance and expression of people in videos through Adobe Sensei’s artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The novelty is a way to apply Neural Filters, an initiative with the same purpose that was launched in Photoshop in 2020, in a sequence of frames. However, the novelty brings more options, such as adding a beard or glasses on the individual, for example.

Are there ethical problems?

The project was defined by The Verge as a deepfake method; although it is not possible to change faces, changing feelings in the image is capable of modifying contexts, maintaining the “realism” of the situation.

In addition to being used to define aspects of film editing, aesthetic adjustments, parodies and even urban planning, the word deepfake has been associated with defamation, misinformation, sexual harassment and political propaganda.

That said, Adobe has not said whether Morpheus will be available in Premiere or After Effects. In fact, there are already several other specialized deepfake software such as DeepFaceLab and FakeApp, and the settings shown in the demo are limited.

“We recognize that we need to balance innovation with the responsibility to ensure that our technology is used for the good of our consumers and society (…)”, informed the institution in a statement to Engadget.

It’s worth noting that Adobe’s conference this week also revealed browser versions of Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as new tools for collaborative work.


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