Adobe Premiere Pro Gains Native Support on Macs With M1 Chip


Adobe Premiere Pro: The developer Adobe released as of this Tuesday (20) a new update for the video editor Premier Pro. As of now, the service has native support for modern Macs that run on the M1 processor, made by Apple itself.

According to Adobe, this improves by up to 80% the performance of Premier Pro compared to a model with the same technical specifications, but with an Intel processor. The update includes models from the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac (24″) and Mac mini lines.

At the same time, the Character Animator software was also optimized for those using the animation capture platform and was up to twice as fast. After Effects will receive native support from a Beta release until the end of 2021, including full support for multi-frame rendering that speeds up the tool’s processes. In March of this year, it was PhotoShop’s turn to receive performance optimization.

new features

In addition to support, the update also brings the Speech to Text feature. With no additional costs, the function allows transcription and creation of subtitles in videos with greater agility and automation.

The Body Tracker and Puppet Maker functions, which bring new animation and movement features to puppets, were also released for testing purposes. Full information can be found on the developer’s blog (in English).


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