Adobe Offers Free Access to Creative Cloud Applications for Students From Home


Adobe, famous in the world for its Creative Cloud applications, launched a large-scale program at the request of a professor. The company announced its program, which provides free access from home for students to continue their education.

While the Corona virus causes measures to be increased all over the world, company employees and students are among those affected by these measures. Company employees are sent by their workplaces to work from their homes, while schools are vacationed for students.

The words of the instructors who asked Adobe to continue the training in the event of a holiday were taken into consideration by Adobe. The company announced today that Adobe Creative Cloud applications, which are usually accessible from campus, are free access from home so students can use them from their homes.

Adobe made Creative Cloud apps free for students at home:
The move, shared by Adobe, stated that this move was made due to closing campuses and returning to online education. The company stated in the announcement that such a move could track the training, teamwork and progress of students. The company added the following statement to its announcement:

“Our goal is to help the tools they need to advance in these uncertain times, as our customers work to ensure both safety and learning continuity in their communities. Our commitment to do this without interruption remains unchanged. ”

Higher education and K-12 institutions that pay fees to offer access to the application on campus can request Adobe through this link. Creative institutions will be available for free until May 31, 2020, when institutions request temporary free access from home.

This move of Adobe became a reality, especially thanks to the request of a professor. A professor from Syracuse University tried to contact Adobe while looking for a way to continue teaching his students at this time. Instant reply came to the professor who asked Adobe on Twitter.

48 hours after the response to the professor, Adobe announced the program, which gave students free access from home by turning the professor’s request into a service that everyone can take advantage of. Many instructors and students, along with the professor who originally wrote this request, thanked Adobe’s move.


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