Adobe Max event will be virtual and free


Like many events in 2020, the Adobe Max conference will be held online this year. The event, which will be free to attend, will start on 20 October. Registration for the event has already been opened.

In addition to programs such as content demos and feature previews, musical performances will also be displayed at the event. In addition, famous names will also appear in Adobe Max. Ava DuVerney, Keanu Reeves, Anne Leibovitz and Tyler The Creator will take to the virtual stage of Adobe Max.

A t-shirt will also be given free of charge to those who have already registered for the event. These users will be able to organize their calendars at the event more flexibly and access instructor files.

Since last year’s Max event, Adobe has made it easier to access Creative Cloud files via Gmail, introducing new browser shortcuts and allowing educators to share Creative Cloud access with distance learners. The company, which also developed some new Photoshop features, announced the Photoshop camera application for iOS and Android. It will not be a surprise that Adobe will demo the photo tagging feature that it will add to Photoshop this year as well.


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