Adobe Lightroom Feature (Video) You Can Easily Fall Spring In Photos


An easy way to change the color of landscape and portrait photos in Lightroom, Adobe’s program for photo editing, was shared on YouTube. Especially, photographer Serge Ramelli shared on YouTube, the skin color of an area or a person can be easily changed.

Photographer and educator Serge Ramelli shared a method in Lightroom on YouTube channel where you can easily change the skin color of an area or a person. The feature described by Ramelli enables this process to be carried out in a very short time.

The shared feature makes it simple to make the color of the areas in a landscape photo individually dark or light. Using the Range Mask feature in Lightroom, an area in the photo can make the color darker or lighter.

With Range Mask, you can make the grass in a landscape photo yellow as if faded in autumn, or you can easily change the skin color of a person in a portrait photo. After the procedure with Range Mask, the photo continues to maintain its naturalness.

Those who knew and used the feature shared by Serge Ramelli are certain. However, many of us may not have seen this feature before. Serge Ramelli even says that he discovered the feature online. The Range Mask feature can cause many photographers and designers to save a lot of time.

Video showing the Range Mask feature of Lightroom:


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