Adobe Flash support ending for Mozilla Firefox


First published in 1996, Adobe Flash Player was very popular in the early days of the internet age. However, over the years, it started to be abandoned one by one due to security weaknesses. Over the years, many companies have announced that they will quit Flash Player. It was one of them in Mozilla Firefox. Firefox, which previously made a statement on the subject, is preparing to cut support. With Mozilla Firefox 85 release, Adobe Flash support is ending.

Recently, Microsoft announced that it ended Flash support in Windows with its update numbered B4577586.

Adobe Flash support ends for Mozilla Firefox

Stating that it will cease Flash Player support to be official in 2017, Firefox stated that with the 85 version, Flash will disappear into history. Firefox 85 version will be released on January 26, 2021. On the Firefox side, the version with the latest Flash Player support will be the 84th version, which will be released on December 15th. According to Mozilla, with the removal of Flash Player, performance and security will increase.

Mozilla Firefox had already disabled the Flash plugin by default last year. When Mozilla Firefox reaches version 85, support for Adobe Flash will officially cease. When you switch to version 85 of Firefox, Flash support will be automatically cut off without any adjustment.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge is another browser that plans to end Flash Player support by the end of the year. In addition, Google blocked Flash Player by default in Chrome version 76. Flash content was not displayed in search results since October. In December, Flash support is planned to be completely removed. Safari, on the other hand, officially ended Flash support in version 14.

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