Adobe Flash Player: Windows 10 kills Flash Player Once in New Update


Adobe Flash Player was officially discontinued in early 2021, but the program still appears on some Windows 10 units. Now, Microsoft has revealed a plan to end software altogether and ensure more security for users of the system.

Microsoft is already distributing an update called KB4577586, which is practically the final blow to Flash Player. The update completely removes the 32-bit Adobe Flash Player plugin from the operating system and also prevents new installations.

The update is currently available as an optional update for Windows 10. However, the company will send the change mandatory starting in July.

End of Flash until July

According to Microsoft’s planning, the update KB4577586 will appear more frequently in installations soon. The patch will be available on Windows 21H1, which will be released later this month.

In July 2021, KB4577586 will also be distributed as a cumulative update to Windows 10 on versions 1507 and later. In addition, the update will be included in the Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 security patches.

In other words, the trend is that a large part of Windows 10 users will be protected even from accidental installations of Adobe Flash Player until July this year. While the final patch against the software does not arrive broadly, it is worth remembering that Adobe has already taken steps to avoid using the program.

The creator of Flash Player has released a lock that blocks the use of content in the program since January 12. Major browsers on the market have also removed support for the software, ensuring security even for careless users.


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